welcome to ls gymnastics club









The Club

The club is a family run space that supports the surrounding community through its attachment to the Apollo Buckingham Health Science university and its central location in Crewe. We offer inclusive gymnastics for all levels, ages and abilities, specialising in TeamGym. TeamGym is a dynamic sport using trampettes, trampolines and tumbling.

The Aim

The aim of the club, is to coach each individual child to reach their full potential in gymnastics. Our club is situated in the heart of Crewe and offers a safe, effective, fun, child centred learning environment. All coaches are qualified through British Gymnastics and work within the guidelines set by this governing body.

Our Jouney

In 2016 we opened LS’s doors at Sir William Stanier high school with a total of 10 excited gymnasts waiting at the door. As the years have gone by the club has continued to grow and grow exceeding the number of members we every we ever expected. With the help of the members, coaches and community support the club in 2019 was able to move to a perminant facility. This has now enabled us to provide more gymnastics to more children in crewe offering lots of new classes. Below you can see the clubs journey over the years.


                       LSG 2016                                                           LSG 2017

LSG 2018

LSG 2019